Using AARI to pass a file into a BOT

  • 20 January 2023
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I’m trying to create a simple process using a form to get three string inputs from a user AND a file. I’ve created a simple test bot that has the variables as inputs. Three string variables and one File variable.

On my form I have three text box inputs and a file selector input (all mandatory). I have all variables mapped to the variables in the BOT. The three text boxes are being passed in perfectly, but when I try to use the File variable in the test bot (for example, passing it in as the file variable for an Open Excel command) it does not work. I’ve checked the value of the File variable in a message box and it appears to be blank when I run this using AARI even though the other string variables are populated.

Note that it works fine when I just run the BOT and and am prompted for inputs including the file. What gives????


4 replies

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Hi @JMarino ,


If I am correct, the file name is saving as a dictionary-type variable, where you need to use both the name and extension key values in order to specify one particular file. Have you tried like that?

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@Padmakumar I’ll try changing the variable in the test bot to a dictionary and use the name and extension when passing in from the form. We’ll see if that works!

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Doesn’t work. The dictionary variables comes in as null. When I do a message box using name and extension the value is ‘null.null’

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Clarification: my variable vReconciliationFile is a File type of variable in my BOT. I’m trying to pass in the value from the ‘Select File’ object on the form. Seems like a simple ask. There’s no documentation on how to do this properly.