Using a Variable in a Global Value

  • 21 March 2023
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My original set up was with one user per VM. However due to restrictions on the number of VMs I can have I am looking into having multiple users per VM. Each of my bots uses a configuration file stored locally on the VM in a folder (C:\RPA Resources), this location is stored in a Global Value and is used by all my bots. If I move to multiple users and the same bot uses a different configuration then I will need to have different config file for each bot. My plan is to have separate folders for each user e.g C:\RPA Resources\User1 & C:\RPA Resources\User2 with differing config files in each User subfolder. To minimise the number of changes to bots (I have about 40 in use) I was hoping to insert the extra folder reference right at the top in the Global Value.  

e.g. C:\RPA Resources\$System:AATaskExecutor{"Executor_UserName"}$

However this returns the string exactly as above and doesn't insert the value of the TaskExecuter.

Am I doing this wrong, is this possible?

Alternatively can I update the value of the global variable during runtime?

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