When I tried to install AA to our customer, I took error that is attached. Every pre-requests are OK about database. Why did I took this error?

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Hi @Mustafa Ovacik​ 


Have you installed the SQL Express...

if you have, please follow below :


The default SQL Server express installation does not enable TCP network protocols, so here are some steps to take to be able to communicate with SQL Server Express. These steps should be similar for MS SQL Server Express 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, and 2005.


1. Launch the SQL Server Configuration Manager. It should be in the Start -> Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server XXXX-> Configuration Tools start menu option.


2. Select the SQL Server XXXX Network Configuration tab. There should be a Protocols for SQLExpress option, and one of the protocols should be TCP IP.


3. Enable the TCP IP protocol if it is not enabled.


4. The default port for SQL Express may not be 1433. To find the port it is listening on, right-click on the TCP IP protocol and scroll all the way down to the IP All heading. There should be a section called TCP Dynamic Ports. This should list the port SQL Express is listening on. You can then put this value into the port field when adding the connection profile



"You have to enable the 'Named Pipe' and 'TCP/IP' connection from 'SQL configuration manager'

Also ensure that the port 1433 is mentioned in TCP/IP properties as shown in the attached screenshot"







Make sure to restart SQL Express before trying to connect.


i hope this helps you to resolve the issue.






Hi Tamil,


Every condition is OK in your answer. TCP/IP is enable and IPAll port is 1433. Additionally, Database Collation is correct and I created database as Automation360-Database. Are there any additional comments?



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Automation 360 On-Premises prerequisites

Please check the above link, when the system configuration not enough you will get these errors

Hi Tamil,


We passed this step but we live a troube at elastic search. Are there any comments for this problem?



Add to this problem, server has microsoft 11 Home but installation read microsoft 10 Home and some features is not enough. Can this situation be reason to installation fails?