Unattended not running

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I’m getting some trouble using the unatteded user. I’m using it on a VM and when I try to run a bot, it tries to connect to the machine for a long time and, after a while it fails and at the history tab it shows this error:

com.automationanywhere.nodemanager.exception.UserLoginException: {"message":"User not logged into the machine.","details":"This may be due to multiple reasons.\n\n1. Check that your username and domain name is correct in the provided device login credentials.\n2. Login into the machine as that user before running the bot.\n3. Some other user may have logged into the machine.\n\n\n\nIf you continue to see this message, please contact your system administrator.","correctiveAction":"","code":""}

Can someone help me? I am pretty sure I already defined correctly the username and password for the machine.

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