unable to deploy bopt

  • 8 January 2023
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I am trying to deploy bot in unattended mode, but getting error as Unable to Perform Autologin as Administrator

5 replies

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Hi @Saurabh 3029 

Hope you are trying to run the bot using bot runner id which has unattended license mapped to it, not Administrator?

To enable Auto Login setting in CR, using Administrator checkout below documentation for the detailed steps,

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@Saurabh 3029  you are trying to deploy the bot in unattended mode right, do you have auto login enabled on the VDI and also the user have unattended license ?


Looks like the user to login into the vdi do not have unattended license.

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Hi @Saurabh 3029 ,

Kindly verify if you arent using an Administrator account  (OS) to run your bots or close that session.

see Additional notes on auto-login:



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@Saurabh 3029 you might be missing domain name before user name causing this issue 

ex : ad\user1

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check if your device is registered