Solved error when registering IQ Bot

  • 8 November 2023
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Hi all, I am trying to evaluation for IQ Bot on Automation 360 build 19621 using default trial license, but when I tried to register IQ Bot on 360’s setting page, we get error? This error occurred for both the Automation Anywhere IQ Bot and Automation 360 IQ Bot build 19621. Any help would be appreciated!


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1 reply

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I have found out the solution of this issue.

Using the health check API at http://<hostname>:8100/healthcheck  and the log files located at %Public%\Documents\Automation 360 IQ Bot Platform\Logs\, we found out that the IQ Bot didn’t setup the database right correctly for the SQL Server database user if we install the IQ Bot using Custom option, causing several subsystems to report error due to database connection issue. After adding the database access right to the database user, all subsystems are up, and IQ Bot can be added to Automation 360 successfully.