Troubleshooting SQL Query Issues with Error Code on Intel Arc Laptops

  • 20 June 2023
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Hello Everyone,


I'm here seeking your assistance regarding a perplexing problem I've encountered while running SQL queries on my Intel Arc laptop. Despite my best efforts, I'm consistently faced with an error code that's impeding the successful execution of my queries. I'm hopeful that by sharing this issue, we can collaborate and find a solution together.

To provide some context, the SQL query itself appears to be error-free, as I've validated it on other systems without any hiccups. However, when attempting to execute the same query on my Intel Arc laptop, I'm confronted with an error code that has proven elusive to troubleshoot. I've meticulously reviewed the query syntax, table names, and column references, yet the error continues to persist.

If any of you have encountered similar challenges while running SQL queries on Intel Arc laptops, I kindly request your insights and experiences. Specifically, if you have come across specific error codes and managed to resolve them successfully, your knowledge could prove instrumental in helping me identify the root cause of the issue.

Additionally, I'm interested in uncovering any potential compatibility concerns or specific considerations when working with SQL queries on Intel Arc laptops. Are there any known limitations or recommended practices that I should be mindful of to ensure smoother execution and minimize the occurrence of such errors?

By pooling our collective expertise, I'm optimistic that we can uncover the underlying reasons behind these SQL query issues on Intel Arc laptops and uncover effective solutions. Your contributions and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!


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Please post here the error message you are facing.  Try to install SQL Server Management Studio in your laptop  and connect to database.