Triggers: folder trigger, is not working properly. The bot only launces the first time a file is dropped, any time after that the bot does not launch.

  • 7 February 2022
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How can I ensure every time a file is dropped in a specific folder, the bot will run its task?


Having to hit run --> run with triggers every single time is unacceptable.

2 replies

@Eric Sullivan​ I've had a similar issue recently on my 11x machine that had a File in a Folder trigger. AA support suggested that it maybe because the VM was not "properly" locking itself thus preventing auto-login, that in turn impacted the file triggers. I was suggested to use their batch file to lock-and-disconnect. The triggers have been working fine ever since 🤞>

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Hi @Eric Sullivan​ ,


Starts a bot when a predefined action such as create, delete, rename, or modify is performed on a file or a folder.

Could you please check the action that you have selected to trigger the task>