The Recorder Click step for a link is working fine when running locally ,but when running on unattended mode it is not working . Attaching the screenshot for the step ,

  • 12 January 2022
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I have also tried Run Java script step which also has the same issue ,

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Hi @Selvakumar Thangavel​ ,


Could you uncheck everything other than the DOMXpath and see if that works out for you?

Also, copy the DOMXpath into the inspection panel in the web (right click and inspect + Ctrl F) to see whether that XPath returns a single match.


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Ashwin A.K

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Hi @Selvakumar Thangavel​ ,


Also have a look at below article.>

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Hi @Ashwin A.K,

In case we are not getting single search result while searching DOMXPATH in inspect window.

How should we find the Xpath or any other unique property.

I am working on one of the web applications but domxpath value is not unique for some object also I am not able to find anything else which is unique except Path.

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Check the screen resolution and the Zoom in the browser on the target machine where it’s running unattended. We have seen recorder actions fail when those settings don’t match the machine we developed on. If you’re developing at a certain screen resolution with the browser set to 100% the bot runner should be be setup the same way in order to get consistent results.

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@selvakumar.thangavel  Please check scaling percentage and screen resolution