The bot is getting stuck pre-processing with the error: "We found an issue that prevents the bot from running. Access is denied'

  • 3 August 2022
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I recently gave someone on my team access to the Control Room to run certain bots using the one botrunner we have.


However, whenever he runs the bot, he gets a success message but the bot never actually deploys. Once I check the audit logs I get this error message:


"We found an issue that prevents the bot from running. Access is denied"


with the event type: "Run bot pre processing failed"


It is a pretty generic message and not sure where to start.

3 replies

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Hi @Robert DiTonno​ ,

Thank you for writing to us,

Please provide the view package permission for the user scheduling/deploying the bot from the Control Room.

Hope this resolves the issue. 

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@Sahana B​ Thanks Sahana!


The weird thing is that this user is able to run the bot sometimes but other times he receives that error. Are the package permissions cached in anyway? Or could there be another root cause to this?

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I've managed to resolve my issue (once i had reinstalled and installed the bot agents & making sure all my packages were up-to-date) to find my error was due to my code having error handler 'try' - 'catch' - followed by another 'catch' (all connected in one row - i was copying my code over to new bot part by part and was testing) once i removed the catch it worked.