Some questions about the Master certificate? Could someone from AA answer me?

  • 5 March 2022
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I am not sure where I can raise my questions to AA team.

Hope they can see from here.


I got my advance certificate (v11) two years ago. Now my company is using A360.

But I don't want to pass the advance certification (A2019) again.

instead, I want to get my master certificate(V11) directly.


My worries are:

There are 3 scripts which need to develop.

I tried to install the V11 from my PC. (The connection will be interrupted frequently) as we have A360 in our company server and I am thinking I can do it in A360.

If the output is right, Is it fine?

Could I use A360 version to finish it?

I really suggest AA can accept this as cloud version is the future. :)



9 replies

Regarding masters v11. There is no such exam actually. The only masters cert is for A360. You must complete the advanced cert for A360 before you can enter into the Masters cert. Also, the only item to install on your computer is the Bot Agent. That’s a tiny file unlike a complete v11 install. I hope this helps.

Hi TheBotman

There is.


Automation Anywhere Certified Master RPA Professional - Version 11  (136) 

Prerequisite : AA Certified Advanced RPA Professional (Version 11.0)

In this certification, you will learn how to use the product features. It tests your ability to use Automation Anywhere RPA Enterprise product to automate the given scenarios. Further, this course tests your ability on the familiarity of the product, its features, and its functions.

My mistake. I must have missed the v11 master cert course. In the US, we are undergoing a sunset of v11 so I’m encouraging everyone I lead and work with to progress toward and through the A360 versions.
Thanks for the response. Best of success to you!
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Hi @kint jiang​ ,


As you know, V11 is slowly getting phased out which is why you don't see the option to download the community edition for V11 anymore.


I struggled a lot, since some of the projects I had to work on were with V11 and I had no community edition I could use to test certain scenarios out, or to simply explore various features.


If you are planning on getting Master Certified, the prerequisite for it is a Community Edition, which is not available for V11 which is why paying for it right now would be pointless.


Yes, I understand attending Advanced Professional again is not something you are looking forward to, but the exam is tailored for the new A360 platform and is also a prerequisite for the A360 Master Certified Exam as well.


I'd encourage you to learn it starting today, since V11 will come to an end somewhere around October 2023 if I am not mistaken.


To help people out, I started blogging about A360, so if you are interested you can check that out as well.


Best of luck for the exams!


Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K

Thanks Ashwin,

I just worry that AA can't accept my scripts as I may use A360 to develop it. If it's fine. Then it's not a problem.

And I will try to take the A360 certification.

Hi TheBotman,

Np. It's kind of you to reply to me.

It's not your real name, right? 🙂

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Hi @kint jiang​ ,


You cannot submit the Scripts that are developed in A360 for AA11x masters, i will recommend to take A360 Adv first and then A360 masters.

Correct. My name is Brian. 🙂

Master certifications V11 is not available in partners portal. Please some one advice it is available or not.(v11)