Sign in window pop-up when connection to Control Room

  • 2 November 2022
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When connecting to the control room using chrome and clicking on" Login with Window", a sign in pop up appears asking for username and password:

imageIf I provide my credentials, an error occurs:

imageBut then, when I put my username/password in the normal filed, I can connect to the CR.


How can I avoid this Sign in pop up from appearing ?


Thanks in advance


6 replies

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Hello @Olivier Weiss​ Have you set the SPN for CR service account? If not please follow the article below and test the feature.>

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@Sajith Sudhakaran​ ,

I checked again, and noticed something.

Both Dev CRs (v11.3 and CR A360) have the same service account but are installed on separate servers.


The output of command line SetSpn -L <domain>\<service account> is showing that the SPN registered in both CR for the service account is the same (it is the one of v11.3).


Should I have created different service accounts for each CR (v11.3 and A360) ?


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Hello @Sajith Sudhakaran​ ,

thank you for your reply.


Indeed, the SPN is set for the control room. The setting are the same as for v11.3 CR we are also using and which works well.

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@Olivier Weiss​ That should be fine to have the same service account for v11 and A360. Is the CR server FQDN and CR URL are same? Which version of A360 are you using? Is the CR URL added to local intranet zone ? "Enable Integrated Windows Authentication" is enabled?

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@Sajith Sudhakaran​ ,

A360 version is 26

How can i check if the server is FQDN ?

Both URLs (v11 and A360) are different.

I need to check with my IT Engineers whether the CR Url is added to local intranet zone.

"Enable Integrated Windows Authentication" is indeed enabled.


@Oliveur , is your problem is still relevant?
FQDN is a part of your CR url but wthout https ( eg. not ).

But I have a question - when you trying to “Login in with Wndows button“ your are logged into your Operating System with the same AD account which you have created in CR?

Also - Did you performed all steps from the section: “[Configuration 2 : Add the CR URL to the local intranet zone ]” ( including addition your CR website to the Local Intranet )?