SendEmail step giving the following error: "There was an error in sending the email message. Please check your connection details provided and try again."

  • 2 June 2022
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Using accurate Gmail SMTP server settings, sending from an email address that requires 2FA to sign in. Is that what is causing this error?

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Hi @SVC TOCBot​ 



By following these additional steps for the Gmail account.


Generate your app password

On your computer, go to your Google Account. 

At the left, click Security. 

Under 'Signing in to Google', click App passwords and sign in, if required.

If you don't find 'App passwords', click 2-Step Verification and follow the steps to turn on 2-step verification for your account. You may have to sign in again.

Under 'App passwords', click Select app and then Mail.

Click Select device and then Other.

Enter the name of your domain and click Generate.

From the app password box, copy the 16-character password that is generated.


Use this 16-char password as your email password used in AA.

As a best practice, you can use the credentials vault to store.



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Hi @SVC TOCBot​ ,


Does your mail have any attachments?

If so, make sure that its less than 15MB, or else the mail will not get drafted and it will show the exact same error you have specified above.


Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K

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The 16 digit App password have some spaces do we need to remove the spaces in between?