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Hello, Can anyone describe what is the correct way to pass variable in the run javascript action from the javascript package in A360. 

I am trying to read the filed value of an input element from browser but not able to get the output.






Best answer by BeauG107806 15 May 2023, 01:42

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Howdy. I had the same problem. I solved it by putting the function and its variables into a string, writing it to file, then calling the file using the Javascript in browser. Works a treat. Like this;



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@BeauG107806 Thanks for the approach. I am using this way to write this snippet in the file and then call it 
function getFieldValue () {var field = document.querySelector("#id");return field.value;}

Now it is completing without any error but the output returned is also an empty value.
Same snippet I use it in the console of the browser it gives the desired output. 

Any specific form of encoding that I need to save the file, in the log to file command?