Record Chrome Dialog Box

  • 26 January 2023
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Hello! I’ve been struggling to record the value from a dialog box from Google Chrome:



I can record and get the value of the black line but I want to capture the message from the yellow part. The ‘Ok’ button is also working. Do you have any ideas to capture it? Or is it impossible to do it?

My AA’s version: Automation 360 build 16667

Bot Agent’s version: 21.230


Thank you in advance!

3 replies

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Yeah, the chrome dialog boxes are always tricky.

As of now, It’s almost impossible to perform action / get property value on those using any capture technology type. 

The only action I can perform on it, is to simulate keystrokes as a window object. When you said you can capture the header, are you able to execute it to see if it can retrieve the value out of it? My guess is, it should fail to locate it when executed.


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Hi @alinetorrezin ,


You can try after changing the Object Capturing Technology within the Recorder action.

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Hi @padmakumar  i have tried capturing the Save As window in file but its not capturing the desried object rather capturing the whole window. Please help ! 

Check the star mark in the save as dialogue box.

I need to inly capture the Filename object. While I use the recorder package a red highlighted  box is also not appearing.


I have uninstall and then install the extension , updated it, Preloaded the packages, logout & log in from the devices. Still the recorder is not capturing the dialogue box entity and it is happening for all .