Record capture using MS Active Accessibility on dropdown is working in bot creator but failing in bot runner

  • 25 January 2023
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An action to select UL (unordered list) item is performed by Record Capture using the technology Microsoft Active Accessibility. Am forced to use this technology type as HTML tech type of UL tag isn't working to select the item text, it executes without selecting the actual item. 

Problem with Microsoft Active Accessibility recorder action is, it's only executing as bot creator but not executing as bot runner. Error thrown is : Unable to perform SELECTITEMBYTEXT action. TREE is unavailable.


Recorder package version used : 2.9.2-20221122-181034

Details of what is working & what is not below.

Bot Creator / Runner Bot Agent Version OS Version Working / Not Working
Dev Bot Creator 21.222 Windows Server 2019 DC 64-bit (10.0 Build 17763) Working
Dev Bot Creator 21.222 Windows Server 2019 DC 64-bit (10.0 Build 17763) Working
Dev Bot Runner 21.222 Windows Server 2016 DC 64-bit (10.0 Build 14393) Not Working
Prod Bot Runner 21.230 Windows Server 2019 DC 64-bit (10.0 Build 17763) Not Working

6 replies

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@vivek.selvaraj  check these::

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Appreciate the resources shared!


But unfortunately neither of the solution would work as those were for v11. The resources talk about using Object Cloning on List’s Item HTML tag / using v11’s expand action. Expand isn’t an action available in A360 & In A360 to Capture a dropdown list it can only be UL HTML tag using Universal recorder (doesn’t work as said in the description) / Tree using Microsoft Active Accessibility (works in Bot Creator but not in bot runner).

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Was able to work with the AA support & the fix is to enable the accessibility setting in chrome



Additional details can be found at :

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FWIW, in A360 to force the accessibility render you can pass the argument before the URL in Browser action. E.x below.


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@vivek.selvaraj  Are you aware for a similar solution for SAP?

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@Andoni - Am no SAP expert. Microsoft accessibility should be enabled on the client that’s rendering the application. How are you accessing the SAP? 

If it’s via browser, then close all tabs of google chrome then open it with the runtime argument to force renderer accessibility as shown above.

If it’s a thick desktop client in windows, my assumption is it should be enabled by default.


Lmk how it goes.