receiving error while creating device login credentials in Automation anywhere 360 Community edition in my laptop.

  • 9 November 2022
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while creating device login credentials in Automation anywhere 360 Community edition in my laptop receiving error

"Not Found. If the problem persists, please contact you system administrator",

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the bot agent but it doesnt help.

I tried using Get User Name from Local Device but still the same error.

the bot agent (version 21.222 ) was downloaded automatically when i connected to my computer through the control room.

I am using windows 10 Home Single Language edition(v22H2) 64 bit OS on a lenovo PC (intel Core i7 4510U, 8 GB Ram)


6 replies

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Hi @Chaitak Mukherjee​ 


Please follow the below steps,




  1. In the Control Room panel, click your user name and select My settings.
  2. In My Settings page, navigate to Devices > Credentials section to update the Username and Password for the device.
  3. Device login credentials are required to run a bot from this device.
  4. Note: Automation 360 does not validate the device login credentials until you run a bot.
  5. If your username is part of a domain, include the domain within the format 
  6. domain\username
  7. . Typically, home users are not part of a domain, unless they are specifically configured.
  8. Save the changes.





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Hello @Tamil Arasu10 

I have followed the mentioned above steps but still I am not able to update credentials



Yeluri Rajesh

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@ChaitakM102954   Username should be the device login id, I am not sure the name you provided was correct…. like ad\name … 



Hi all,
I have the same issue, I am using the local username that the application grabs for you when you hit the refresh icon. I am able to add a username to my credentials but it never asks me to input the password. I can’t save the credential as it is.




@ColinMac could you solve this? I’m having the same issue

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did u guys found how to solve this ?