• 2 March 2022
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I'm still new to AA, and now I'm exploring queues.

I found that queue has to be set up manually in the control room.

It can be done manually or from the file.

My questions are:

  • Can I add items to the queue using the AA bot (dispatcher)?

I know that I can create a bot that will log in into the control room :)

I'm asking if any actions allow me to add items to the queue?

  • Can I change any values in the queue (status)?
  • Can I get (read) all available items in the queue?
  • What are (if any) other actions in AA related to queues?

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2 replies

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Hi @Robert Ozog​ ,


PFB Comments,


  • Can I add items to the queue using the AA bot (dispatcher)?

--- Yes, Use Workload package, Checkout below documentation>


To know more about Work Load management checkout below recourses,>>>>


Thank you for the answer.


What I get from that (I've seen the videos before as well Work Management Docs)

is that I can add the item to the work queue from Bot level.

There is only one action - Insert Work Item.

AA queues can hold text, number or date type data.


Hmm, not too much, to be honest, but we have what we have.