Question About Hosting v11.3.x Control Rooms in Azure

  • 11 January 2022
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We were recently told by AA that a minimum version of 11.3.2 was needed before hosting a control room in the Azure cloud. We are asking a more detailed question as to whether this applies only to the server software installation or if the BOT runner and BOT developer clients should also be at v11.3.2 or higher? Our environment is currently running v11.3.1.1 server and clients.

3 replies

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Hello @Dave Jackson​  Will you share details on where AA mentioned that a minimum of v11.3.2 is required to be hosted on Azure. As a best best practice, I would suggest to plan for migrating to A360 as the v11 is close to its end of life cycle by mid of this year. There is no challenge in hosting Server and Client components hosting in Azure or in a Hybrid model . I would recommend creating a support ticket to build a migration plan to Azure/A360.

CR_CompatibilityPlease see this matrix provided by AA. Yes, we will be moving to A360 later this year when the business will have resources available for testing. In the meantime, we have a more urgent need to move the current version 11 control room servers from our data center to an Azure hosted server.

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This means that the Automation Anywhere was tested and certified from 11.3.2 to host on Azure. This is applicable to Clients as well.