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  • 21 March 2023
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Hey, I am new around here . I started to use Automation Anywhere today. I have a problem.When I start my bot , my pc can’t open web page. It might be easy problem but I couldn’t solve the problem. If anyone could help I would be appreciated. I put photo but language is Turkish It says “Hmm… Can’t reached the web page”


Best answer by Raul Jaimes 21 March 2023, 20:31

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3 replies

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Hi @ErdemYTU 

What  is the URL you are invoking? The url above is 



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Actually I was copying and pasting url from link but the web page link didn’t correctly pasted that was the problem like you said. Thanks for help I solved. That was really simple problem but I was stuck. I couldn’t think simply :)

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