Problem to run a bot

  • 13 January 2022
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Hi friends,


I have a problem when I run a bot, the CR shows this message:


imageThough when I use the recorder package I don't have any problem, how I can solve it?

PD. I already put the credentials of my local devide.



3 replies

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Hi @Erika Jaramillo​ ,


This error means your windows credentials are not correct or the bot agent has an incorrect windows username or password.




Open Command Prompt -> Type "Whoami" (Without "Quotes") -> Enter

The output will be your current windows username.



Open your A2019 Control Room URL.

Click on Laptop Icon on the top right corner.

Enter output from above in Device username.

Click on update credentials -> Enter Password for the above user and Save.


The above steps should solve your problem


Note : If it is On-Prem check your Control room Reverse Proxy Service, Check if the Database is accessible.



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Thank you. but I already did this steps, when I'm use the recorder i don't have this problem, but when I'm trying run a bot shows these message.

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Can you please try to re-install the bot agent again?


  • Uninstall the Bot Agent
  • Clear the existing folder location
  • Remove the device from the control room
  • Install the bot agent, register, and update credentials