Preface each "log to file" line with run details?

  • 17 May 2022
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I want to track actions performed by a bot - not the control room actions, but steps within the task bot. I can pull the bot's logfiles into Splunk, but except for the "Process Started" and "Process Completed Success" lines, none of the lines in the log contain information like the bot name or botrunner/host. Consequently, a bot that does something like add users to AD groups will show up as one single start/end event, whether it adds 12 users or none, since the add actions aren't correlated to the bot's name and host. So, I can collect metrics on how many times the bot ran, but not on how many tasks it performed.

In order to obtain more useful metrics, I can manually add the bot name and botrunner variables to each 'log to file' action, so that it's correlated to a particular run, but that's tedious and error-prone, and I would need to go back and add them for every 'log to file' action in every bot, as well as mandate that other bot developers do the same for theirs. Is there a preferred way to prepend the run details to every logged line?

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Hello Jackson,


I request you to please try to track bot_launcher logs from the below location which should have all the details:-



If you have any questions please let me know.


Thank you,

Prabhakar Jha