[Pre-Launch Poll] Automation Leaders - What part of the Pathfinder Community are you MOST excited to see grow?

  • 2 December 2022
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You might be looking forward to….

💬 Participating in engaging discussion via our Forums OR 

💡 Being inspired by peer innovation through our Blogs OR 

🏆 Up-skilling via our Developer Evangelism Team created challenges in Guides OR 

📣 Staying up to date and learning more about our amazing Automation Success Platform offerings via Product Updates OR

🌍 Connecting with peers in your area or on topics like Migration & Community Edition via groups OR

🚀 Accelerating your automation program success via the Automation Pathfinder Program


I know it is hard to choose just ONE - complete the poll below. 


➕ Bonus: Reply and share your first impressions of the Pathfinder Community - the Community Team is eager to hear your thoughts! 


Click here to learn more about our Pathfinder Community Pre-Launch building effort.


What part of the Pathfinder Community are you most excited to see grow?

2 replies

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Hi Team,


It is great to see so energetic and vibrant team and very excited to be part of this new pathfinder community. 


As you said, it is hard to choose one part from Pathfinder community, I am seeing lot of potential in the Automation pathfinder program to elevate and bring product and its benefits more closer to Customers, Developers and aspirants. 

Surely, it is exciting journey we are starting with and proud to be part of this. 


Wish you very all the best. 




Lets see if this will be any different than aPeople