Permission denied while deploying the Bot via control room api

  • 9 August 2023
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Hi All, I am testing control room API to run the deploy the bot from another application throw api. I have created a Bot creator account having custom bot runner roles to run the Bot and I am able to run the Bot from AA360 control room. But when I am trying to run the Bot from API with all necessary settings, I am getting below error
PERMISSION_DENIED: User: (userid) does not have permission to run bot
Please help me on this how to resolve it.


Best answer by Sajith Sudhakaran 10 August 2023, 07:13

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4 replies

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Hello @Santosh 8935 

1. Verify the user has unattended license assigned for the bot deployment.
2. The User which is used for the deployment from should have the Repository-Bots permission for running the bot.

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Hi @Sajith Sudhakaran , I have give now the Bot runner license but not sure which “Repository-Bots permission” you are asking to provide. I have provided run my bot permission already. Please let me know.

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Hello @Santosh 8935 Are you still facing issue after giving Bot Runner license? If yes, what is the current error you getting.

You have to ensure the user has permission to run the bots on which folder its located. You may create a custom role and chose the Bot run permissions and the folder where the task bot is located, then assign this role to the runner user. 

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Hi @Sajith Sudhakaran , On your first question, yes I am getting same error as  "message": "PERMISSION_DENIED: User: ( does not have permission to run bot". I created custom role and provided all roles to that and then assigned to that Bot runner user. But getting same message as mentioned. Even all folder enabled.