Passing a Number Variable to a Webpage

  • 16 April 2023
  • 4 replies

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I have recorded a web page where i would like to append or set text to a number variable. The webpage only receives a number as input. When i set/append a string variable with an assigned number no input is passed to the webpage, i have also tried using using a Any variable and no input is passed as well. When i try to use a number variable to set/append text i get a "does not return string" message. Please help

4 replies

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Convert number to string and use this string representation instead.

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I have trued this but still get the same issues.

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Try setting the focus to the text box on the web page and then use keystrokes to put the number in.

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Hi @MoSab ,

What you can do is append the text to the number → Trim it to remove any blank spaces present in the front or back→  convert the text to number → Use a click to the web page / area / text Box where you want to enter the data → Use simulate keystrokes to set the number onto the web page.


Let me know whether the solution works or not