Need help with AARI Forms creating.

  • 21 September 2023
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I need to add a dropdown element containing multiple checkboxes.
Is this achievable using AARI Forms.

If yes, then how

Solution would be of great help. 

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Hi @Nagarjuna143,


Do I understand correctly that you want a drop down box that the user can select multiple items?


If so, please take a look at the Dropdown Multi-Select element in the form editor. See the screenshot below for example functionality:



You can find the Dropdown Multi-Select in the list of form elements on the left hand side of the editor:


Please let me know if this helps you out.



Logan P.

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I'm unable to find this option in my control room.

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Hi @Nagarjuna143 ,

  • You must have a Bot Creator license.
  • You must be assigned a custom role with the create folder permission

Following steps will be help you to create the form

  1. On the left pane, click Automation.

    A list of available bots and forms is displayed.

  2. Click Create new > Form.
  3. In the Create form page, enter a name for the new form.

    Forms are saved in the \Bots\ folder by default. Click Browse to change the default folder.

  4. Click Create & edit.

    The form builder page appears with a single row Column layout.

  5. If you want to delete a row, click the vertical ellipsis in the form layout and click Delete row.
  6. Confirm the delete action in the confirmation message.
  7. Drag any of the supported elements (for example: Checkbox, Document, Table, and so on) into the form from the Elements panel. here you find the dropdown with multi select as well.

Please check out the link,