Need help on A360 Task bots

  • 28 October 2022
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Hi All,


In my project, I need to place A360 code files into Github. While uploading in Github I am not able to upload Code files(Zip which extracted from Control room) it is saying file size is having more than 25 MB.. Any other way to export file in A360 apart from Control Room because from control room code file is getting bigger like more than 200 MB (it is having jar files etc)


Also Please let me know on below queries.

1)I have created 5 taskbots in control room.But now where that 5 taskbots code will be located in server/machine?

2)If it is available in server/machine can we upload directly only those task bots into Github(Not export from control rom).If yes, How can third person use those 5 taskbots .

1 reply

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Hello @Hemalatha Barla​ 

  1. The task bot files are created/saved in the server repository location. That location is visible on the Control Room settings page if you are using OnPremise version. It is not saved in the Botagents.
  2. Control Room can be configured to integrate with eternal GIT repositories. You may leverage this feature to sync the Botafiles and its dependencies to sync with your GIT repo.

Integrating Control Room with Git repositories (