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I have an environment used by one of my clients who is missing the JSON package. I can’t find a way to install this and this is preventing a bot going live. 

This is not listed under packages and I can’t find json package to download on botstore as well. 

All I need is to start a session and do a  “Get Node Value” to get json value from a node. 

This is an on-prem installation and about year old. 

Can someone point me towards right place on how to get this installed?


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Hi @Garukas107568 ,


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hi @Garukas107568 ,


Please update the package


Upgrade Your Bot for an Action Package



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Hi @Tamil Arasu10 ,

Thanks for this. 

I’m not looking for the “JSON Object Manager” It provides a different set of commands. 

I need the “JSON” package as it provides the command “Get Node Value”  Can you please point me towards that particular package?

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@Garukas107568  JSON package is by default in AA isntallation in case if you are using onprem.. 

in case u need package, attached here..