Loop through emails and get subject text

  • 23 August 2023
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I want to get certain text from the subject of some emails in my inbox. I am trying to create a loop that iterates over each email and gets the innerHTML property, but so far I can only get the text from the first one multiple times. How can I iterate throught the emails in my inbox and get the text in the subject?



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3 replies

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Hi @jsegura 2409 ,

Following Steps:

  • Use the Email Connect Action
  • Loop the mailbox (inbox)
  • Assign the variable into Dictionary 

Please refer the below links,


The email properties are stored in a dictionary variable within the following dictionary key


emailSubject String Retrieves the value of the email subject
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And how can I read the content of the email and store it in a variable?


@Tamil Arasu10 


In case of reading emails with large volume within short time if we need to use multiple bots to read Unread emails from the same mailbox, how can we avoid to read same email by more than one BOT and get the details duplicated ?

Or any other alternate solution to read large no of emails within short time faster without using multiple bots option ?


kindly provide feedback! THANKS