loop each unread email not working as expected

  • 6 March 2023
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We have included in our code the Loop each unread email command with the message format set to HTML.

This worked as expected until 2 days ago then it started giving us the below error as soon as the email does not contain content or had a preview available.

Error message -It maybe due to the following reasons :

                1. Your Internet Connection is low.

                2. A Temporary Internal Exchange Server Error occurred.

                3. Connection Reset


We are running the latest loop and email packages. We are connecting to office 365 via EWS, exchange server 2013, and using OAuth2-ROPC.

Has anybody experienced this before and is there a potential solution?

Please assist.

2 replies

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Hi @Mauritz.Y ,


How are you looping the Unread mails? Is it directly from the INBOX?

If so, consider using a Sub Folder and create a custom rule to move the required mails to this folder soon after they arrive. Perform the looping within this Folder only. Later you can either move these back to INBOX or Archive them according to your convenience.

From my personal experience. looping INBOX may sometime cause issues like long delay in execution or intermittent failure in execution. Because in my case, no matter what condition I put for looping, BOT was keep iterating through all the available Mails within INBOX.

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Thank you for the feedback.

We are running the loop in a subfolder of the inbox, and also experienced issues when we ran it against the inbox itself.