Is it possible to add dropdown list in html body while sending email?

  • 21 September 2022
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Manually I can achieve this by copy dropdown from word file to email and send. But when I copy the source of that email and send email in html format using A360, dropdown control is not working when replaying to that email. ​any other solution for adding a dropdownmenu while sending email in Automation anywhere

5 replies

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Can you please show one example of what you want to do?

i would like to see the example mail you get, and the output of the mail you want to send?


My requirement is to send an email with some options in a dropdown list and the recipients should reply back to BOT with one of the option for proceed further. So BOT will read the selected item and proceed. ​

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Is the dropdown list which you will send constant or changable?


Constant ​


@Athi1580  - Any solution available for this ?