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  • 7 December 2022
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Hello reader,

My project involves extracting data from invoices and hence I am using IQ bot. After uploading and finishing the extraction of data from invoice, I want it go straight to validator queue even if there is no data missing. So how do I make all the invoices go to validator queue before downloading it? 

(PS : I want it to go to validation queue even if the fields are extracted because business team will verify if data is extracted correctly, only then I will have to proceed.)


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5 replies

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Hi @Brunda 4983 ,


If I am not mistaken, the validation is based on your level of training the LI. If the extraction was successfully done from an Invoice, then there is no way that particular invoice moves for validation. Because the validation will only come if there is any mismatching happens or the invoice data doesn’t pass certain rules which you set while training. 

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Hi @Brunda 4983 

Easy way what i can think of add a form field and do not train it since it will not find the mapping it will go to validator. Based on the required parameter user can update any value and click on save button for next post processing steps.

Note: This is not the best practice though and i do understand your concern. May be some day if business gets confidence we may remove this check

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Hi @Brunda 4983 ,


Please follow the below steps,

  • Please navigate to particular instance
  • Select the Never create new groups check box
  • No new groups are created, irrespective of the number of document uploads. The uploaded documents are sent directly to the Validator.


  1. If you do not have any trained group created in the instance Select the Never create new groups check box.
  2. If you are using a pre developed instance and want to send all docs to validation queue regardless of trained, untrained, successfully processed or new  then do these. 1. add a new form field( exp: “Is_Varified”) 2. Mark that as mandatory field   3. Instruct the human to set “verified” under that new form filed and save  4. Based on the field value later the bot can identify weather the doc has been verified of its a straight-through processing (STP) metric.



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Thanks everyone for your valuable response.😄