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  • 3 July 2024
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I have an AARI process which partly consists of a bot which uploads documents to IQ Bot learning instance, then checks validations in that learning instance.

If there are documents in the validation queue, the user will be provided with a link to the validation portal.

We have found that the document to be validated, is not available to be validated until an hour after it enters the queue. I have tried entering the validation queue manually (through the IQ Bot UI), but I get the same message “There are no documents to validate” even though the document icon is red, and there is actually a document in the queue. I will try again to validate the document an hour later, and I am able to validate the document through validator.


Is anyone else experiencing delays between when a document enters validation queue, and when it’s actually available to validate? This is detrimental to my current project, in dev server the document is available to validate instantly, but in production the document takes an hour to become available, meaning the process can’t proceed beyond that point until it’s resolved, this is holding back automation success in our business.

1 reply

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@THOLLAND does your production DB have multi node ? check if the DB that point to IQ database is not primary