Insert values into SAP from excel

  • 21 October 2022
  • 6 replies

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I have to insert a column from excel sheet (excluding header) into one of SAP table. Can someone suggest how this can be done.

6 replies



Without having a clearer picture about your current issue on this task, I would like to give it a go with a more algorithmic approach. Be aware that we can go as much as detailed as you wish, but I will try to mention only the steps that make more sense.


  1. Open the Excel you want to read
  2. Read the excel table and put it to a Table (include header)
  3. Close Excel
  4. Open SAP
  5. Login to SAP and make sure you have chosen the right environment
  6. Go to your desired page (where you will input your data)
  7. Start inputting the Column Values one by one to the corresponding fields. --> Perform a Loop Operation if you have more than one row.


Start going on the steps one by one and keep posting on this thread your progress and if you have issues. I will make sure to follow up with you until you're done 🙂.


It is harder to help when we have no code to check or anything else.


Best Regards


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Hi @Donat Mehmeti​ ,


Thanks for your response!!

I was looking for inputting all values at once (without using loop operation). However this workaround works fine as well. One issue I am facing post this step is that - I need to click a field on SAP screen but it only appears after scrolling down. Though I am able to capture it after scrolling down but in actual run it is unable to click the same. Any suggestion on this? Thanks in anticipation!!

You're welcome.


Actually, you should not need to scroll to interact with SAP. You can push the whole table if that is how SAP accepts it. I must assume a Control V? If yes, then it doable. --> I suggest you try this manually first if this behavior is relevant for your automation (if not, prepare to add elements one by one or row by row).


What you need to be aware is that you do not need to scroll to interact with the element on SAP. Do you have SAP GUI Scripting enabled on Server side? If not, please ask your SAP manager to do so.






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Hi @Donat Mehmeti​ ,


Again thanks for your response!!

May be I was not clear with the query in my last response. I have attached 2 screenshots here. I need to click on field highlighted in red (Image 2) but for that I need to scroll down as the same field does not appear in default view (Image 1). Though I am able to capture it after scrolling down but in actual run it is unable to click the same (rather it clicks on other field at same position in default view). Need help here.

Now its clearer. Thank you.


Can you please tell me how are you interacting with the Button you are clicking? Please send a screenshot of the Attributes of AA you are using. If you are interacting with the element on a specific way, there is no need to scroll.


Please provide a screenshot and we can look at it together.

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Hi @Donat Mehmeti​ ,


I am capturing that particular field and and then giving action as click. I am attaching screenshot of captured object as well as its attributes.