I was able to launch a bot task on 28-Sept-2022 after a long pending bot task was removed from the In Progress Activity queue in Community 2 Edition. However this 28-Sept task is not running until now.

  • 3 October 2022
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I have tried to stop and start the bot agent service but the issue is still not resolved.


I have also tried to delete the device but was unable to do so as it prompted error message "Cannot delete device, as it is part of an active bot deployment".


Appreciate if issue can be resolved for Community 2.


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9 replies

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@Fouad G. Sabry and it’s been a year and the story continues.

No wonder why A360 isn’t making to top, among other RPA tools.

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We have a solution for this issue. Please try this tool to delete the device and let us know if it helps:


cc: @Aaron.Gleason 

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Somehow found the API solution on youtube (of course not the A360 channel).

Thank you for posting this as well.

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@aakash 2100 Glad to know your issue is resolved, thanks for sharing the update.

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@Fouad G. Sabry @SDM.S Please try the suggested solution and let us know if it works for you.

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Hello @arjun.meda,

Hope everything is OK at your end and thanks a lot for your kind support in advance.

Actually, I have a different issue now, and I wish you can help me.

In Activity | In Progress, there is a pending execution entry for a bot since 2022 and I have everything you can imagine to delete it.

Till now, it is does not harm, but it will be wonderful to see this entry deleted.

Do you have any tip or trick?

Thanks again.


Fouad Sabry


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@Fouad G. Sabry - Thanks for sharing your query. I will check on this and get back.