I want to know how i can extract a text from pdf file?

  • 1 January 2022
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I can extract all data to txt file, but i need just a two-three words in pdf file. Each pdf file words can be changed but the location of word will not change. in attached file, ı just need green area. There is privacy that's why i painted it.


2 replies

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Hi @rojda dilan küpeli​ ,


Have you tried "PDF: Extract field" command? Using this you can fetch the required fields.


Extracts field from a PDF file and assigns it to a string variable>

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Hi @rojda dilan küpeli​ ,


The page looks Form, so you can use the>




Once you get details from PDF using PDF: Extract Text, you can string manipulation to get the required string.


I believe the yellow highlighted words are standard, In this case, use Before After action from the string package to get the string.