How to use sub window name(other opened window) on remote desktop machine? Because in window command it shows only "Remote Desktop Connection" but not able to see those other window those opened on "Remote Desktop Connection" machine.

  • 22 February 2022
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AutoI want to activate one window between two windows that are opened on "Remote Desktop Connection" machine from current machine. It only shows "Remote Desktop Connection" window name in A360 command.

5 replies

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@Zeth Baker​ @Khaled Mostafa​ @Azhar Hossain​ @Theertha K S​ @Paul Hawkins​ @Ashwin A.K​ @Tamil Arasu​ @Pradeep Kintali​ @Kumar Jagadish Lankalapalli​ @Abhishek srivastava​  Please help me with it?

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RecorderThanks for reply @Ashwin A.K​ 

  1. I had tried using AI Sense Recorder but still as you can see in the screenshot it is using "* Remote Desktop Connection" window name when I had performed clicks on edge browser on that remote machine.
  2. I had also looked into that "Window inside Window" in the "IF actions" but still it shows only the same "* Remote Desktop Connection" window name.

I have to activate the other window between those two windows those are running on the remote machine.

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Hi @Ravi Koshti​ ,


Could you try using the AI Sense Recorder and check what turns up in the autogenerated Capture Actions?

Also, there is a Window inside Window in the If Action, so you could try testing that out as well.


Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K

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Hello @Ravi Koshti​ 


Bot agent service would be able to fetch list of all open windows on machine where its running.

If you would like perform actions on windows that is open on remote environment, depending on Infrastructure and feasibility, below are some options:


  • If same machine is available via Citrix platform, we can perform automation with help of AA RemoteAgent
  • Using AI Sense , IR or Keystrokes are some of other options which can be explored




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Thank you. @Vinod Kumar Mudaliyar​