How to use "Add Group" option in If package?

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Hi Guys,


I have a query that if I want to combine three conditions using AND, OR operators as below :



in the above image i want an OR operator between the second and third condition. I am trying to use "Add Group" option, but I am not exactly getting how this is supposed to work.


The condition should be built something like this that from condition 2 and condition 3 either of them is true and condition 1 should be true.


Any help/leads would be highly appreciated, thanks in advanced.

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Hi Abhi25,


As far as I can understand, you have 3 different operators but you need to meet two conditions. The first condition needs to be met (the AND) and only one of the other conditions (the OR) needs to be met.


I believe the logical way would be to separate the concerns. There are many reasons of why I would suggest this, but initially I would say, simplicity.


I would suggest you tackle this the other way:


  1. Solve your OR condition --> define an if clause to solve your OR problem first.
  2. Match your AND and the result of the OR separately on another IF.


This makes your result to be:

  1. Compare Condition 2 and 3, then
    1. If True - Compare Condition 1 (match!!)
    2. If False - Ignore comparing Condition 1


A pseudocode solution:


Condition2 || Condition 3

if true: (Condition2||Condition3 AND Condition1)

If False (the else, of none of the above): break 



I hope this helps,


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Hi @Abhishek Mishra​ ,


The items inside the group can also contain conditions with the required operator like so:



Groups are useful if you want to collectively validate whether a set of given conditions are met(either with AND or OR) and compare that group of conditions with another condition that always has to be met(again, either using AND or OR).


Play around with it and you'll get an idea of how to work with it.


Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K

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Adding to the above you can nest the groups within the groups

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Thanks for the reply Ashwin, maybe I am having a problem with the UI or maybe I am selecting the wrong option but when I am trying to use "Add Group" option its not actually getting grouped as in the image you shared, can you please help with that?

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Can you share the screenshot @Abhishek Mishra​ 

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cleared the cookies and logged in but still seeing the same UI, I am using bot agent version 21.120, the difference in UI can be because of that?

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After clicking on Add Group, I am not able to actually group the second and third conditions, here is the screenshot :



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the screenshot I sent is from a new bot only but I guess its the difference in bot agent version, this UI is available in 21.222 and I am using 21.120 . I just sorted it out though, its a little tricky in the lower version to add conditions in a group

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@Abhishek Mishra​ Can you create a new bot and check this?


This is strange, if this is not helping you I'd recommend opening a support ticket with AA using below link


if you don't have access to the above link, Send an email to AA Support team "" to get the access.

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Got it, @Abhishek Mishra​ ,


Can you clear the cookies and try again, you should see something like below once you click on Add Group.



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Interesting, thanks for the update @Abhishek Mishra​ 


For your query - 


  1. click add group to your 2nd condition, as shown in your own screenshot, 


  1. Then, move up your 3rd condition. 


It will club/group your OR companions 


Below is similar use of the same.