How to see all users' In Progress Activity in A360 Control Room

  • 9 August 2022
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I'd like to see all users activity on non-admin account. I've created new role and assigned this role to my user, but I'm still unable to see activity that was scheduled by admin account. See attached images for detailed settings.

I couldn't find any information on AA documentation page for version A360 - only AAv11.


Please assist as I do not want to give admin permissions for users just to let them see this.Role-BotsRole-Features

4 replies

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Hi @Mateusz Macheta​ ,


Please check out the below links,>>

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I believe the Admin user only able to see all the details.

Thank you @Tamil Arasu​, this is quote from first link:


View everyone's In progress activity Allows users to monitor ongoing automations where the user has either run or schedule access on the respective bot.


As you could seen on screens I should have ability to Schedule all bots in all folders. So no idea why with this permission there are bots that are running that I cannot see under this account.

I think after some delay I was finally able to see other people's in progress activity, still without AAE_Admin role.