How to remove the bot from in progress section.

  • 26 September 2022
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When I try to run the bot the below error is shown because already one bot is in progress I am trying to remove the bot from in progress but the bot is not removed, Please help me out with this problem.



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Same here.

Community 2 has a major issue, as far as I can see.

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Hi @Jitendriya Pardia​ ,


I think this error occurs because the session is still remaining in the background even after stopping the bot.

Please follow the below steps


  1. Go to Task Manager - Service
  2. Stop and restart 'Automation Anywhere Bot Agent



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Hello Tamil,


Thanks a lot for your kind feedback.


unfortunately, restarting the service or even uninstalling it, removing the folders, and installing it once again with admin, still does not resolve the issue.


the issue is also reported by many users from different perspectives such as device still connected despite the service is stopped, can not deregister the device, can not run a bot, etc… the root cause is the same for all these issues since more than 2 days at least.


let us hope that the support team will take care of it as we are stopped.


kind regards,

fouad sabry

Thank you for your reply @Tamil Arasu​ 

Automation Anywhere Bot agent service is not listed in the windows task manager.

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The reason the service is not seen is that you would have installed a Bot agent at the User level. You will be able to see the service only if the Bot agent is installed at the System level.


You will have to choose 'All Users' instead of Current user while installing Botagent. If the Botagent install choosing 'Current User', it doesn't create Botagent service in services.msc and Botagent available only to the user who installs it


Install Bot Agent and register device

I stop and start the service for the bot agent but still, the same error is shown Is there any way to delete the in-progress activity from the list?