How to handle subtasks/child bots between multiple bot developers?

  • 26 January 2021
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Hi. We are currently switching from 11.3.4 to A2019.

Previously we had common tasks such as logging to sql db among others in specialized subtasks, which we called on demand from many other bots.

So I migrated this bot and uploaded it to the public folder Public\Bots\Common\Logger.atmx.

Now, I would like to create a new bot, that calls this Logger subtask. But since its in the public folder I cannot. The option in the run task package for Control Room file only shows the public folders, not the files in them. So I can't select the Logger. If I check out the Logger my colleagues cant acces the file anymore. What am I missing?

Any advise is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

3 replies

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Create a clone of that subtask/shared component from the Public directory into your private directory (its one of the action buttons next to check out). That creates a read-only version of that object in your private tab. In that way you can still reference the child object, but you wouldn't also have to check out the child object...other developers could do the same - which would allow you all to reference that same reusable component.

Thanks @MICAH SMITH​ !

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clone that disruptive task in your private