How To Export a Bot from Community Edition (THE EASIEST WAY)

  • 22 March 2024
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🌟 How To Export a Bot from Community Edition (THE EASIEST WAY) 🌟


Disclaimer: Please note that the following steps are intended for educational purposes only. Ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the Automation Anywhere platform. For commercial or enterprise usage, it is recommended to utilize the appropriate edition as per the licensing terms.


Ever found yourself wondering how to smoothly export a bot from the Automation Anywhere Community Edition?

Well, fret not! Although Automation Anywhere doesn't offer a direct export option in its Community Edition, we've got you covered with the simplest steps to export and import your bots effortlessly.

Here's the magic recipe:


🚀 Step 01: Download the AA360 Bot Assistant Chrome Extension and simply "Add to Chrome".




🔍 Step 02: Navigate to the bot you wish to export. Then, launch the A360 Bot Assistant which you have added to chrome in Step 01, glide over to the “Tools” tab, and effortlessly copy to clipboard as shown below:



👉 Step 03: Move over to your desired control room or create a new task bot. Once again, launch your trusty "Bot Assistant", Paste copied content into text area click on "Patch Content", and eagerly await the delightful "success" popup, as depicted below. After refreshing the bot, voilà! Your bot is now readily available for action.





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Ganesh Bhat

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@Ganesh Bhat 

Before clicking on “Patch Content” you need to paste copied content into text area.