How do I use ODBC (or JDBC) Database Connection with Snowflake?

  • 4 January 2022
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I have reviewed this topic about the subject

- It appears the JDBC functionality of AA is not working properly, as a correctly formatted connection string produces the error:  'Mentioned driver in URL is not proper!' 

- With ODBC DSN (with the driver installed) I get this error: 'Not Found Valid Provider'. 

- When specifying a full connection string I get a timeout from wrong port (1433), Snowflake default is 443 but AA tries to use 1433 even when I specify the port in the connection string

6 replies

I'm suspecting it could be a version issue - we are currently running A2019.17 (7103).

The A360.21 release notes mention Snowflake ODBC support - is there another way to override the default port or workaround the JDBC URL bug?

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Hi @Michael Conan​ ,


You can establish a connection with the Snowflake database using ODBC drivers. For more information about downloading the ODBC driver, see Snowflake using ODBC Driver


You can enter the connection string to connect to the database. For example, Driver={SnowflakeDSIIDriver};Server={account};Database=DB_NAME;uid=username;pwd=password;


Checkout below article for more info,>

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Hi @Michael Conan​ ,


Can you check with your DBA/IT team internally on the ports or


I'd recommend opening a support ticket with AA using below link>

Thanks, I've opened a ticket - I'd prefer not to go whitelisting new ports and manipulating firewalls on the database side. I would think AA should allow me to specify the port for connection but perhaps not.

Thanks @ChanduMohammad S​ - I have already tried this method and it does not work correctly for me.


Here is the full error message:


As I noted Snowflake uses port 443 by default and it appears AA is attempting to connect through Port 1433.

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Welcome @Michael Conan​