Hi Team, I am trying to export the Bot from AAv11x using Rest Web Services But i am not able to download the aapkg after using the Export API Kindly let me know how can we download using Rest Web services Thanks in advance!!

  • 24 May 2022
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i am able to get output in jason format by using 

URI: {Control Room}/v1/blm/export



  "packageName": "MasterTask_Test.atmx",

  "selectedFileIds": [



  "fileIds": [



  "excludeMetaBots": false


Wanted to know how to download the aapkg using Rest web services

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Hi @sharath hegde​ ,


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Please try with swagger it will returns a download link otherwise if you are using any other application then the response should be saved as a binary file in aapkg format.


Ref Doc:>



imageThank you