Hi, I am trying to pass a file in the rest web service post request but I didn't see any option in post request action anyone can guide me on how can we pass a file in a post request. I have tried using custom parameters. Thanks, Arun

  • 11 March 2022
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Screenshot (193)_LI

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Hi @Arun Kumar​ ,


Please use below Bot Store for uploading a file via POST method,>


Command : POST File

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Hi @Arun Kumar​ ,


Can you pass the Subscription key in the header and File as below and try?


Pass File as Binary or Raw

Hi @ChanduMohammad S​ ,


Thanks for the response. I am not passing the file as form data. my task is to pass a file under the body as a row data or binary file. I think this work for form data. for a better understanding, I need to pass only the subscription key for API in the header and file under the body as raw data or binary file.Screenshot (196)_LI I attached is my postman application screen on how I am passing file.

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Hi @Arun Kumar​ ,


I'd recommend opening a support ticket with AA using below link>


if you don't have access to the above link, Send an email to AA Support team "" to get the access.

hi @ChanduMohammad S​ ,


I am trying in the same way but it was not working for me that's why I raised a query here. check attached screenshots. thanks, ArunScreenshot (197)_LIScreenshot (198)_LI

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Hello @ChanduMohammad S​, Please refer steps details available on below KB article.>