Hello, I have a problem since today, no bot is running on my virtual machine anymore... yesterday everything was working and today everything is on hold, my runner is running a virtual machine..

  • 21 February 2022
  • 6 replies

I uninstalled and reinstalled the agent correctly, I unregistered everything and reregistered I restarted the VM nothing worked

he keeps saying waiting for user


6 replies

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Hi @Nils Pottbäcker​ ,


are you using the cloud version of the AA or On-prem ?

Hello Nils,


we have the same problem, did you solve it?

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Please create a support ticket to the automation anywhere team and they will help to resolve this.


Note : Cloud versions, we can't check the CR logs.


Hello, we using the cloud version

no we going to contact the support :(

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Hi @Nils Pottbäcker​ ,


I request you to go through the articles:>>


If it does not help, please raise a support case with us we would help you further.