Handling windows with dynamic titles in AA360

  • 29 April 2024
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I have started using AA360 since 2 months for automating one of the process.

I have a scenario where window had dynamic Titles when opened every time. Basically its a pdf document opened through my ERP system. Since it has dynamic Titles always, I have some difficulties in closing these windows. I tried using GetActiveWindowTitle and SetTitle actions but realized that window never gets closed. 

I tried creating window variable without title, setting its title as dynamically and then tried  browser close action using same variable. Didn’t worked. 

Any idea how to deal with dynamic title windows?

Note: There is no pattern in title so cant use regex.

1 reply

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Hello @prashantpatil02 


Will you be able to access the PDF file name before the window opens?


STEP 01 : Create a variable of type 'Any' and assign that pdf name which you will get usually as window name.



STEP 02 : assign that created variable to window variable 



STEP 03 : Use close action