GIT integration with Azure dev ops On premise

  • 4 March 2024
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We are trying to connect our AA 360 on-premise to Azure dev ops on-premise. But we are constantly getting an error that the credentials are invalid.

We have tried both HTTPS and SSH to get the connection up and running and both gave us the error. The private key and public key for SSH were also created on the CR server, but also resulted in a credential error.

We have pinged the repo via CMD and PowerShell and made the connection successfully, but once we include the same information in AA it fails.

We have also worked through the below link and still getting the error.*2mpwmq*_ga*MTI0MDYyMjUyMy4xNzAxNzczNDAw*_ga_DG1BTLENXK*MTcwOTAzNTAwOS40OC4wLjE3MDkwMzUwMTIuNTcuMC4w

Does anybody have any advice or something we can try to get the connection to work?


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