Get list from xpath with object cloning

  • 1 September 2022
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i try to get ouput (list) from xpath with object cloning . i Don't know how i can ​do it.

please i need all assistance .

In example below we have two output of xpath request. My goal is to get all and put it in variable.

 i use AAE V11.3


Capture d’écran 2022-09-01 120917

1 reply

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Hi @Isaiah OLOYEDE​ ,


Try using the Recorder: Capture Action and toggle the operation to Get Property -> HTML InnerText.

This will save the text to a string variable, but you have to refine the XPath before passing it into the DOMXpath field.


if you are still stuck, then we'd appreciate it if you could share a screenshot of the inspected element(Ctrl+Shift+I).


Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K