Excel Advance "Get Mutiple Cells" command unable to fetch values

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I am using Excel Advanced package and getting error on “Get Multiple Cells” command. Cell range is “All cells” and read option is “Read cell value”. The bot has been failing only for few files. The error message is “Unable to fetch values for range 'A1:BT48240'”. I am not sure what might be the reason.

BOT Process - 

Step 1 - Open Excel (Using Excel Advanced)

Step 2 - Get multiple cells (storing it in a data table)

Step 3 - Close Excel.

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 I guess you are using All rows. Check if your data is numeric, text or it is mixed. Try to get a smaller range and identify if anything in the data is wrong using  a cell range option. 


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@Raul Jaimes  Thank you for your response! I did follow your suggestion and was able to identify the issue. There is a column in the file which should have only date values (dd-MM-yyyy format). But in one of the rows it had a negative number value on that specific column. Bot was failing at this specific row.

[Replacing it with correct date value lets the bot work correctly]